Librem 13v4 is not switching power on

I don’t know if this is a HW or software issue.
HW - Librem 13v4
SW - Debian bullseye with GNOME 3.38

Issue -
The red dot for charging is on
The white dot to its left with the “/_\” symbol(approximate) is coming on and off once in few seconds
The one to the right of the red charging dot come to life after a long press on the on/off key
But then nothing happens.

The device doesn’t wake up to “life”

Any advice???
Here’s a link to a short video (25sec) demonstration of the issue

Did you try to remove the power cord, press power button for 10-30 seconds, wait 10 minutes and then put power back and try to switch it on?

If it doesn’t help, then you can perhaps try the same but also with removing the battery.

I didn’t try what you suggested but what happened was I disconnected it
Then after few moments the machine’s fan started working like there’s no tomorrow
And when I opened the laptop the debian page was up and running and it was like flashing I took a quick video of it.

Then I switched it off.

Now it seems to work.

Thanks for your reply.

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