Librem 13V4 is the usb c entrence power supply/through?

I am not sure if the question make sense but - does the usb C port in the Librem 13v4 acts as a power supply as well?? Or power through??

All comments are appreciated.

What you are looking for is type-C power delivery (aka PD). The L13 does not suport PD, the L14 does.



I see.
Thank you for swift reply.

Hi again @nicole.faerber
Does any of the other USB ports in the L13V4 has PD option??

No. First of all PD is only supported on type-C at all, there is no PD (nowhere) without type-C. So, second, on the L13 in special (and the L15 is the same in this regard) PD is not supported at all. PD requires special hardware that is simply not there.


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Wow - that was quick.
Good to know all this.
Thank you very much

@sherab_kelsang, with the USB1.0 and USB2.0 you can charge (provide power through) external devices (SSD enclosure, smartphone) up to 0.5A (500mA) and with USB3.0 on Librem 13v4 most probably up to 0.9A (900mA), and only if USB3.0 port dedicated for charging (no data) up to 1.5A. Now I just took a look at 5.090V and 470mA flow to my PinePhone (and 5.040V and 470mA on another laptop USB3.0 port). While on same port, Power supply app on my PinePhone shows 3.95V and charging between 0.45W and 0.75W but this isn’t quite correct! Anyway it takes out from USB3.0 exactly 2.4W (5.040×0.470=2.3688) of electricity. In addition, some average dedicated USB3.0 charger will show something like 5.160V×1.250A and this equals to 6.45W. My best dedicated charger shows 5.095V and 1.478A that PinePhone battery accepts directly from USB3.0 (as it mostly doesn’t like USB Type C sources, power chargers at all, and, as known, that PinePhone USB Type C port is revision 1.2 and PD revision 2). Same charger (with the same controller) from 65W USB-C PD out registers 5.005V and 1.478A and this is indeed max. for PinePhone (as it accepts/works with 5V only).

Now which supported volt and ampere output characteristics will Librem 14 USB Type C PD port have, when as power source for L14 original 20V barrel jack used (perhaps, I might only guess, throughput and output up to 30W PD for charging external devices over its USB Type C)? No one expects that L14 USB-C PD interface ensure (not used term provide as obvious) 20V/3A continuing charging (throughput if 90W external power brick/adapter plug with DC 5.5×2.5mm connector used to power on L14) but is it 20V/1.5A expected to be available with the original L14 charger? Is it about that 12V/2.5A (or perhaps 3.0A), 9V/3A and 5V/3A are ensured to be provided as max. specs on USB Type C PD port (with data transmission rate of 5 Gbps, I guess) once L14 released? For example to make sure USB-C PD will power on and charge some portable laptop monitor (even when only laptop battery used, and only for those that like extreme sports/games/questions).

Perhaps, if helps, is the key feature that you are looking for your Librem 13v4 about how to expand it with few BC 1.2 ports. Its purpose is described here:

And as simple USB-A expansion for your laptop would be something like this device: in order to have high rate data transfers while still charging at 1.5A rate (when needed). Same manufacturer provides bigger USB3.0 hubs with more BC1.2 charging ports but this post is more about idea of how someone can expand their data/power hungry needs with their older USB-A only laptops (without the need to buy new one supporting USB-C PD).

On AliExpress I found only two products that might suit your needs. First one is in two variants, one with 48W that can charge up to four BC 1.2 devices (12W each, meaning 5V/2.4A each). Second variant, the one with four USB-A 3.0 ports comes with 20W charger (5V/4A) so I’d say it supports only one device (like Librem 5) to be charged up to BC 1.2 specification, when WAVLINK UH3049 used in offline mode. Both are having GL3520 controller (probably GL3520-22) on board, but not sure if it works as PnP on PureOS (therefore questionable recommendation from my side).

Second product (at this time without option to order it with EU 12V/2.5A barrel charging plug) is Orico M3H4-G2 USB3.1 Gen 2 HUB with the VIA VL820 controller (USB-IF Certified), that might be as well ideal one for your eventual needs (even by exchanging provided USB-A male to USB-A male to the cable with USB-C (5Gbps at least) end. Almost sure that when connected to mains voltage and when VL820 controller is separate from a PC/laptop that its USB-PD function (alternate mode) should charge any smartphone (to include Librem 5) with up to 12W=5V×2.4A, on at least one USB port (from provided DC 12V/2.5A charger). And by the way here, orange color usually points out that particular port supports Battery Charging 1.2 standard (usually by excluding data transfer support).

Above devices should be usable with Librem 14 the same way, by leaving its USB-C PD port free for something else (out of subject here anyway). That’s why in my last post here I gave/proposed direction on how to get (or give) at least 500mA (or more, instead of 470mA as in my case scenario) to the some, power hungry, USB-A port connected devices (just supposing here that enough data transfer + enough power at the same time is what you are looking for). And in addition, here are links to two DeLOCK external devices with VL820: and, but I’d not use G64054 model on Librem 13v4 (or at least not at all PD/USB3.1 port to connect it to Librem 13v4 USB-C port), nor on Librem 14 only with the provided DC 5V power connector, as this would bring almost nothing without usage of G64054 dedicated USB-PD charging port (includes pass-through or output power for host of up to 60W), where, for self-explanatory comparison here, two extra USB-C™ male to USB-C™ male cables with min. of 3A support would be needed to power on Librem 14, but there must exist better ones (with 100W support) then G64054 model for this purpose anyway.

@sherab_kelsang, of course not sure if above helps (but anyway) you any further? It is just another try/approach (to get on the subject/problem of yours), in order to learn something from your eventual reply.

I see what you’re saying - I can get one of these devices and connect my other devices needing power from a USB to this device??
That’s quite helpful.

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What my actual problem is - I bought StayGo from Twelve South.
What I did not appreciate is - StayGo takes and routes the laptop’s power. The StayGo seems to need the power as well for some things like HDMI monitor and external HD.
But the Librem 13 doesn’t have this function.
So I am stuck with a very expensive usb hub that I can only use for BT mouse and BT dongle for headphones and keyboard.

Yes, and StayGo manual is noting: “using the laptop’s USB-C power adapter (after deduction of 15W used by the hub). USB-C power adapter not included.” So here is my understanding of it (this community might help further): this manual talks about using of for particular laptop provided 20/2.25, 20V/3A, etc. charger and we (you) don’t want to charge this hub with any of USB-C 20V (me neither) charger (like that) in direction of Librem 13v4 (as not supposed to do/provide such pass-through as well).

As next this manual mentions “15W”, so I’d (you) take some simple smartphone charger that provides only 5V/1.5A. If such not available you can choose one with up to max. 5V/3.0A (which equals 15W). Even those that support 9V/2.0A and 12V/1.5A might provide enough current for your hub but do not damage your particular laptop, please (on your own risk). Please take a look at DeLOCK 64054 manual and you’ll see that it is delivered with charger which output equals purposely to 5V/2A (5V only). Anyway, my main concern/idea, what I’m writing here, is that your source charger (perhaps 5V only) should not provide to the hub and therefore in direction of your laptop more than 12V and certainly not more than 15V, nothing (preferably less), nothing stronger than something like this charger should you test (in offline mode first). (NOTE: Even USB-C PD powered laptop would not recognize 12V or less to power itself on.)

Without further explanation you’ll need (besides simple 5V/2A+ charger):
a. one USB-A male to USB-C male cable from 5V charger to StayGo “pass-through USB-C port”, and
b. one USB-C male to USB-A male data transfer (5Gbps) cable from StayGo “USB-C port to computer” connected to the one of your laptop USB-A 3.0 ports (my preference is to avoid USB-C port on laptop, but who knows, I’m not an engineer).

Device like Librem 5 you should connect to StayGo “USB-A + Power” port (only BC 1.2 charging port that I see there). Of course, when you find adequate 5V/2A+ (only) charger you should proof if Librem 5 charges well in offline mode (while not connected to the laptop).

As well, perhaps you would like to read out your connected StayGo usb.ids, with lsusb as described within this post, first one (for your further orientation).

P.S. Please play around with hub that you currently own, I just talk here (and have no talent to sell something) and therefore rethink your next step carefully (don’t take my advice here for granted). But hey, there is slight chance that StayGo finds his way to communicate well (better) with your Librem 13v4 (it’s your turn now).

You my friend are a rare individual!!
What a treat.
Millions of thanks.

Perhaps my b. proposal (preference to avoid USB-C port on laptop) might/should be reconsidered in accordance with: “This USB Hub by Delock can be connected to a computer via the USB Type-C™ interface.” As written within above linked manual/datasheet, with (when) provided/connected 5V/2A charger (or similar 5V only one) to this (or similar) external (particular) USB hub.

P.S. If all (or just some) of your external USB device controllers are supported within the Linux kernel (at least in general), you might take a look here: