Librem 13v4 suddenly no longer decrypts with YubiKey

Hi everyone. I have set up my Librem 13v4 with PureOS to use my YubiKey as a second factor when decrypting the hard drive, and when logging in to the OS. Overnight, I could no longer log in. I rebooted my laptop, but now I can also not decrypt the hard drive.

I have a backup passphrase for the hard drive, which let’s hope will work. But what to do after that? The most I can think of is to download an iso, flash it to a thumb drive, boot the laptop from the thumb drive, decrypt the hard drive, and disable yubikey from the config files. This would be even more hassle and failure prone than it sounds like. Does anyone have a better suggestion?

By the way, I checked the yubikey with yubico authenticator on my phone, and it generates codes as supposed to. So the problem is likely with Pureos or with the hardware. I also noticed that as soon as I plug the yubikey to the laptop, it flashes green constantly. This doesn’t happen with the phone.

Edit: I ‘solved’ the problem by purchasing a Type C to Type A adapter. It looks like the Type C port on the laptop has failed and is no longer usable, at least not for this device.

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