Librem 13v4 Touchpad Replacement


I really don’t like the touchpad on this laptop. It’s been getting stuck physically, making it not operate normally. I’m looking for a way to replace it with one that, first of all, fits nicely, and has physical left and right mouse buttons, and the touchpad itself doesn’t click. Middle mouse button is optional. In other words, while I don’t want it to look “hacky” or “tacky”, anything will do.

You can read my whole spiel about the issues on this page: Librem 13v4 Touchpad Issues

Now I didn’t look at the connectors yet, but I would assume they are in the documentation somewhere. What ribbon cable does this laptop use for the touchpad? Is it really not compatible with any other type of touchpad? Would some kind of ThinkPad touchpad work?

Thanks for any help or advice.

I can’t offer any advice about replacement touchpads, but I’m curious to know whether your touchpad is still getting stuck even after tightening the laptop case. That seems to have worked for a lot of people, and my impression from the other thread is that it did help you.

Regarding the left/right click - while there aren’t separate buttons, you can configure the trackpad to have the right side click be a right click and the left side click be a left click. This is not the default in GNOME from what I’ve seen - you need to open GNOME Tweaks and change the trackpad click style from “Fingers” to “Area”.

Just wanted to make sure you were aware of this, but replacing the trackpad is still an interesting question that hopefully someone can answer

This photo can be useful for you.

I’m not going to answer your demand but I would like to ask you if you tried to customize what your touchpad can do/how you make it work? Because about a year ago I got a brand new Asus Laptop (would have loved a Librem but I really needed a 4 cores/ 8 threads CPU since I do a lot of work with VMs and p7zip) with one of these new weird touchpads (I was used to physical buttons) and at first I really hated it, but then I found a customization that fits me perfectly and now every time I have to use a laptop that isn’t mine I always find it very unergonomic (I don’t know if that word exists in english but if it doesn’t by the power od neologism there you go, it now exists).

PS: Sorry my post is a big mess of a lot of digression. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@scaled Thanks for taking time to do that, actually!

Yeah, I also noticed that there are two ribbon cables going to it. Is that an older version, though? Is that the version 3?

Oops, yes, this is version 3. Touchpad use small white cable and gray sticky contuctive tape for better ground connection. Big black cable is keyboard cable.