[Librem 14] Audio hardware keys stopped working

Running into a strange issue with my Librem 14.

I am running the latest PureOS, fully updated. Sometime over the last few weeks, my audio hardware function keys (mute/vol up/vol down) all stopped working. There is no graphical indicator of the volume like there used to be, and there is no change to the audio settings when they are pressed. All other Fn hardware keys such as pause/play and brightness all work as expected. I am only having an issue with the volume keys.

I verified that in my /org/gnome/settings-daemon/plugins/media-keys/ the volume keys are properly mapped to the correct action. For example, volume down static is ['XF86AudioLowerVolume', '<Ctrl>XF86AudioLowerVolume']

I can change the volume manually by entering the sound settings, or by using pactl to modify the volume. Both of these work without issue.

One other small thing to note is that I believe I am missing an icon in the GUI, as this top slider no longer does anything and appears to be missing an icon.

Curious if this gives hints as to where to the issue might reside.

One more thing, in sudo journalctl -x | grep -i audio output, I do see

Connection failure: Connection refused
pa_context_connect() failed: Connection refused
gnome-session-binary[2219]: WARNING: App 'pulseaudio.desktop' exited with code 1

Any ideas on where to look next or what to try? Thanks!