Librem 14 awesome - The best investment in years

I just wanted to say Thank You Purism.
What you are doing for the (digital) freedom is extraordinary.
I’ve read so many angry posts about Purism and about the Librem 14. I think it is time to present my view.

I just received my Librem 14 and I am super happy about it.
The fan is a little bit loud, almost the same as my old lenovo notebook, which is a bummer. However, this probably originates from the Intel architecture. Surprisingly, the fans were really quiet with the newest fedora.
Besides this tiny issue, I am super happy about buying the librem 14. It is beautiful. The casing, the handling, everything is just fine.
Everytime there is a mishap, someone is railing against Purism.
However, I am just happy about buying the Librem 14 and supporting this awesome company.
I wish people would think more about about what you have already achieved, especially software/firmware-wise, and where you are stll striving to go, before they curse you. They should also think about the size of Purism vs the size of the big manufacturers.
Lastly, I do not understand why people would buy a Dell notebook for about 1200$, when they can have an awesome FOSS-privacy respecting and secure notebook from a freedom loving company instead for maybe 500$ more. Moreover, it has better or at least comparable hardware specs, is super easy to open and upgrade with newer hardware later on, not like the notebooks from standard manufacturers.
All in all, I cannot understand giving your money to companies which live the closed-source thinking, which do not want you having control over your own device, instead of giving it to a company which does everything, so the owner is in control.
I would say Purism products are more than fair priced considering what they offer.
1500$ are pretty cheap for privacy nowadays.
I am sorry for all the people who cannot afford a notebook in this price-range. I am not sorry for the people who have this kind of money and prefer spending it on notebooks/devices from privacy limiting companies.

Ps: I was not fan-boy from the beginning and I am not easily being convinced.


The fans are loud, but the main problem is that they run too early. A fix is a coming soon :slight_smile: so you’ll be able scratch that from your bad thing list :slight_smile:


I think you make a fair point, but one concern on the repair front is should you need repair, there is no guarantee due to Purism’s size that they will have parts in stock, or be able to get them. This is a concern that I think should be factored in.

Outside of it, there is no reason why you should need repairs, as Purism addressed many of the hardware issues from the previous models. I think it is very obvious how much Purism is trying to improve. And it should be applauded.


That is true. However, I have not needed repair in a long long time with my old notebooks. Hopefully didn’t jinx it :crossed_fingers:.
You also need to keep in mind, if you don’t give them money, they can not grow. If they can not grow, you’ll get no spare parts. It is a vicious circle.
I just wanted to stress out that if you are interested in the whole “free your device” idea or whatever you wanna call your idealistic thinking, do not give money too much value if you don’t need to.
I am regularly donating to FOSS projects. What do I get in return?
In the case of donating directly to the developer, I get software. Is it certain that the software will still exist in 3 years? I don’t know. Will Microsoft exists? Highly likely.
In case of donating to a FOSS group, some would say that I get nothing.
I would say I get what I want: transparent software which gives me more control over my device and about my life, since our devices are a huge part of our life nowadays.