Librem 14 battery dead - support have stopped responding

The battery in my Librem 14 has died. Support were quite responsive, asking me to try a few troubleshooting steps.

Since the last troubleshooting step (the result of which I believe should be a replacement battery) Purism support have not responded. The last email I received was 20th Jan 2022. I have sent three emails since, with no further responses.

This is terrible support. I know support queries should not be made here, but if support via correct channels results in no support, what am I to do?


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This does not sound correct, what is your email please, I will check (please send a PM, don’t reveal your email address in public). Also, have you contacted or some other address?

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Also check your junk/spam folder.

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My initial email was sent to, and subsequent emails were directly with a member of Purism staff.

I’ll send a PM now, thanks.