Librem 14 Battery Percentage Inaccurate

My relatively new Librem 14 seems to die around 20% of battery left with no warning. I have to go get my power and then boot it up from scratch. It would be nice if it would go to sleep and not just die so I don’t have to restart everything. Also, it would be good to show the battery percentage accurately.

Has anyone else experienced this?

This isn’t a battery problem, it is a problem with power draw while the laptop is on battery power. This should be addressed soon in an EC update. Keep an eye out here and/or the blog for when that is released!

Sweet! Any idea when that might be available?

It seems like its getting worse. I had it shut down today with 40% left on the battery. That wouldn’t be too bad, but it does a hard shut down and I have reload everything up that I was working on. Not cool. Any ETA on that new firmware?

Already out

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This did not fully fix the problem for me. It seems to have made the laptop only crash at lower power levels (e.g. 20%) rather than higher levels such as 40%.

Same here, mine consistently dies at 10%.

Yep, mine dies aroun 50%.