Librem 14 Battery Replacement Sources (overseas)

I’m overseas. Battery health is at 25%. I need to find a replacement fast.
What are the recommended suppliers for the model L14V1-10?

Overseas relative to where???

I think the point here might be that due to transport regulations that are well outside the control of Purism, it can be difficult to ship by air Lithium batteries that are not installed inside a device. So ordering from the Purism shop may not be an option. Therefore “locally” sourcing is the only option. Therefore the customer would need to know what to source.

I suggest you contact and discuss.

Shipping, corrupt customs… probabilities of getting a route here in time are low.
I need other options.
Are there some generics that would work?

Maybe, but I would not know of them: I only have the 3-cell battery provided by Purism and never had any urgent need to replace it.