Librem 14 - BIOS works on older version R25 but nothing newer

Got a BIOS re-flash tool to fix my L14 BIOS after I attempted to flash to version 29. Flashed it to Release 28.3 … Black Screen. The only version Im able to post to is version 25. What could be causing this? I would love to run newer versions but don’t know as to why newer BIOS versions wont work on my L14.

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Can you clarify whether you mean Coreboot or Pureboot (or that neither works?)? Link to what you downloaded?

However it probably needs @jonathon.hall to comment.

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Its Pureboot.

I have L14v1-01


Been playing around with it all day and the only release to work is Release 25.

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That is very unusual. Do Coreboot releases exhibit similar behavior?

@Muadi Thanks for reporting this. Could you please clarify a few things?

  • Have you tested Release 26 as well to narrow it down to Release 25 specifically?
  • When you re-flash Release 25, are you restoring a backup or flashing a clean Release 25 ROM?
  • You waited at least 1 minute for memory training to complete, right? (probably did, just double checking :slightly_smiling_face: )

If it is specific to Release 25 and not Release 26+, that’s especially odd because Release 26 had very few changes from 25 - only targeted changes adding L1UM v2 support, and no upstream changes. But it’s possible.

We can also enable the flash console, boot it, and read back the console with the flash programmer to see what exactly is failing. Depending on which version precisely is broken, we might start with the first broken version or the latest.

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@jonathon.hall Can do!
I haven’t tested release 26. I tested R28.1 and R28.3. I went to a known stable release for me and 25 just happened to be that.

It was from a fresh ROM: librem_14 · master · firmware / releases · GitLab

  • I wanted to make sure it wasn’t from a backup as that might have been an issue. All installs were from fresh ROM installs.

I waited 15mins once the flash was complete and booted the L14.

I can test version 26 today and go up from there to see when it fails. Then get logs as needed from post to see were it fails.

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Were is Pureboot release 26… i can’t find it…

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Release 26 for L14 is here: librem_14 · ac55211eded1132c9089a00e4454c972e72db473 · firmware / releases · GitLab

For other releases, you can find prior releases in the history:

(The last RC for a version is the release. Click the “browse directory” button - the little folder - to see that folder at that point in time.)

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can successfully install all releases up to Release 28… FAILED. Last working BIOS release 27.1

Update: Pureboot Basic Release 29 … works… o.0?

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I’m glad to hear that Release 29 works - you can turn off basic mode of course. (The “basic” ROMs just have a preset config file with CONFIG_BASIC=y, there’s no other difference.)

I had just prepared a build of Release 28 with flash console enabled, but there’s no need to go down that road now unless you really want to.

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Yea, just an odd issue… but… least its working now!

Thank you so much for your help working through this!

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