Librem 14 Bluetooth

Will the radio of the Librem 14 be able to do Bluetooth similar to the Librem 13? IE: the hardware is there, but a driver will need to be sorted?

Yes, actually it will be the very same hardware as before since we are kind of limited to the QCNF222 (ATH9k / AR3k) M.2 card we also used in the L13 and L15.

BTW - if anyone has a hint or pointer to a decent WiFi chipset that does not require a firmware download at runtime, I would be very happy. So far I found - none.



Out of curiosity, is there any possibility of using the same RS9116 M.2 card in the Librem 14 as the Librem 5?

It seems like the RS9116 would solve the problems with the QCNF222 card (poor range, energy inefficient and binary blobs in /lib/firmware for the Bluetooth).

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Here is Pine64 link introducing development work on Blob-Free WiFi&BLE that I’ve just stumbled on. As well, CNX Software provides direct link to this Bouffalo Lab product. I’ve just thought this is something (info) worth to be shared in this thread.

I think that if we release the other M.2 occupied by the battery we can use the BT broadcom BCM2045B controller for M.2, then with the 2 M.2 expansion slot we can have Bluetooth and WLAN compatible with Linux.Libre both INSIDE on LIbrem 14.

I am testing some chipset to bring WLAN and WPAN Libremente to Librem 14 by using only one socket.

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