Librem 14 browser opinions?

So I’m eagerly awaiting my Librem 14, in hopefully the next 3/4 weeks(ish) and my understanding is that it comes with a browser called Pure Browser, a fork of firefox? Thoughts on this? Are there better more secure/private options? I imagine I can tweak settings, but curious if those using PureOS already can comment, good or bad, I’d appreciate it! Thanks in advance.

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The default browser in PureOS is Gnome Web.

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Ok thanks, I was going by a YouTube video review of PureOS from the summer.

This article explains why Purism switched from Firefox to GNOME Web (Epiphany).


on PureOS-9-Amber(Stable) the default-installed-web-browser is still FireFox ESR

last version is 78.4.1esr (64-bit) upgraded fairly recently …

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ungoogled-chromium is a possibility. I am not competent to say whether it succeeds in being secure and private, but I have not seen any evidence that it fails.

tor browser is based on firefox and has a good reputation for
browsing and protects against disclosing your IP address but should not be used for high bandwidth applications like downloading.

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