Librem 14 camera toggling between too orange/yellow and too blue/green: diagnosis? prescription?

Dear fellow free software folks,

I am experiencing that the videocamera in my Librem 14 either produces an image that is orangish (and a little bit yellow) or too blueish (and a little bit too greenish). It switches back and forth between these too modes depending on the lighting conditions. When the background light is a bit sunnier it switches to orangish mode, while when the background light is a bit darker and less sunny it switches to too-blue mode. The switch is quite sudden and clearly visible. There does not seem to be any in-between.

Question 1: Is this the camera hardware? Or the Linux driver? (I’m running PureOS byzantium.) Or software I’m using on top of that? (I’m using Teams and Zoom sometimes with the camera routed through OBS.)

Question 2: Is anyone else experiencing this with their Librem 14 or is it just me?

Question 3: Does anyone know any way to fix this? If I had to choose between the orangish mode and the too-blue mode I would choose orangish. I would prefer if I could pick somewhere in between those two modes.

Long live free software!

Hi, can you contact us at:

And send us screenshots of the issue, and also your order number?

For reference, here are a couple of images taken about a minute apart.


The transition between the two modes seems instantaneous. One moment a bit orangeish, then suddenly quite blueish, then 20 seconds later suddenly a bit orangeish again, and so on.

Anyone else seeing this?

Will send email to support as requested with details on my order.

Same here =(
Any updates on this?

Suggestion: Please boot into a “live” PureOS session from a USB drive and test your webcam there.