Librem 14 compromised


This is my first post in the forum maybe any forum and what I’m.going to say is 100% true . I knoe many will he skeptical buy this has been my life for months now. In June of 2022 a then Mac user.I noticed other apple ids on my daughter’s phone and lots of issues in my eco system and network and I was documenting this and on 9/12 I called apple and they said all clear and at 12:52 ppm it said on my iPhone that another Mac was in charge of my apple ids and this has gone in for months . I know now this was zero day and I tell you to give you context. Something was put on my daughter’s phone amd we family shared and here we are. I’ve been denied the internet the majority of the time as this is only way you can report to fBI altho ive stppled by theor offices witn dozens of devices comprimsied . two weeks ago I saw on Craig’s list a fella was selling this librem 14 I since ordered a bittium tough z mobile imusing for tgis post. I grabbed it BC of its reputation it had no librem key and he didn’t set up a firewall but o thought he did. Anyway after 2 weeks they’ve taken over the device and I have no access fi admin terminal and the internet . pureos runs from coreboot with PW but firmware is misising I am almost positve this is an ssh attack 99% these guys are very sophisticated and orgamzied and I know their identity hence their agresssion. They also use kerebros in online accouns quite sure as well. I feel like.I can’t get them out of this as a new limix user.but love the computer I jiat was stupid not to have a ufw.any suggestikns? I was thinkinh a wipe and USB pureboot librem key with quebes os but I have no idea if it would work or how to do it.

Sorry this is a lot but its my life and quite tortorous most days .

Thanks for reading

Thomas Philly PA

PS anyone know the extra start menu item new and unlabeled attached pic

I really hate to be that person, but I’d suggest that the first step should be to consult a friend or better yet, a professional therapist that you trust. Many people, through no fault of their own, are suffering from a condition called persecutory delusion. It’s pretty common, so it’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. I think it’s extremely important to rule that out first, because your personal health and well-being is definitely more important than any computer or other piece of tech could ever be. Please accept my sincere apologies if my words have made you feel offended in any way. Note that I’m writing you in 100 % good faith, and I’m convinced that abundance of caution is important in situations like the one you’re finding yourself in, especially given that it’s such a common and difficult-to-treat condition.

Once you’ve taken care of that, i.e. once you’ve had a professional rule out any such condition (and, I repeat, such a diagnosis is pretty common and would be absolutely nothing to be ashamed of!), only then I’d suggest that as a second step, you take all your documentation and evidence you’ve collected, and consult a lawyer who specializes in stalking or cybercrime. They’ll help you figure out which course of action will be best for your specific situation.


I am sorry that you know people like that. But I am not convinced that your Apple ID problems provide a context for your Librem 14 losing an internet connection and root user access

If you have lost root access, then reinstalling the OS is a good place to start. It can also get rid of that extra slider.

You can configure a firewall type in network settings for a public network instead of configuring ufw to block SSH I think.

You might enjoy reading the blog post about how to flash the firmware.

As I mentioned and suspected I would receive a response such as this.

I do actually work with a therapist and he mentioned the threat this puts on many people and their reactions which I’ve noticred here and there, yours being atypical and clearly passive aggressive and best to explain in a stiry.

About 6 weeks ago I finally was vulnerable enough to contact a cybersrcurity guy he was Russian and he gave me only a few minutrs to speak similar situation, and was more formally dismissive that it was in my head to get help. His response was rather Russian , rigid and have all the answers , which has harpooned them historically but the next day and weeks latwr since he never let me get to it, I included the screenshot from a friend.tbat was helping me of brutal let’s say language to him from my phone which he knew I never sent , so it was clear I wanst in control of my phone so I sent him those screenshots, and a network at a friends hotel I was staying where they created a nrew network at the house computer , where they were man in the middle and I was able to print that evidence of thay procees amd thr logd the nest day out and the FBI confirmed it as their HQs were up the street and a few other goodies he didn’t care to hear r I reminded him like ill remind you of a bit of histtory,

When The Germans left Leningrad Hitler had instructed the SS to throw a few grendades into their finest museuems and they destroyed so much Russian art, later it wsd interpreted he was destroying Slavic culture which was later disproven after they read Hitler’s journals where he explained that the he did what he did because the Russian people were so rigid in their ways and thought that anything different was a threat to them, and they just send peopkr to Siberia. that close minded rigodity, made them.blind to the beauty of their own art He determined. They didn’t deserve that art,bc they were too full of themselves and close.minded o appreciate it.They didn’t deserve it so he handled that his way.

So I promised the Russian gentleman as things unfolded and he didn’t lsten at all, nor get any details that I woulld make.suee he got his grenade and when the info from the one investigation and the tons of texts that were sent to friiends and even strangers phones Surmonted , sent him a few lines as there is an investigation and when I was asked who helped me, I just told hem.I went to one giuy very vulnerable and demoralized and he dismissed me and so I made sure.they knew his name, this Expert? and the undeniable proof aka his grenade for his contempt prior to investigation, afterwards he became very apologetic but that ship had sailed ,

I guess this is my way of saying fire in the hole and stay tuned. Thanks for your thoughtful respsonsr tho

I apologize, this was a very shameful, regrettable, dark period of history. Hopefully this is not the fellow who is after you.

I can’t imagine someone impersonating me through texts, that’s awful. I’m glad that someone was able to help you out in the end. It sounds like this is not the first unlucky experience you have had with technology, to say the least.

Whatever it is that you are experiencing probably hits close to home for some of us here, so our natural instinct might be to not want to respond to or even believe it.

I do actually work with a therapist and he mentioned the threat this puts on many people and their reactions which I’ve noticred here and there, yours being atypical and clearly passive aggressive

I’ve mentioned it but I can’t stress it enough: please accept my apologies if my words have made you feel offended, or came across as dismissive or, like you mentioned, even passive-aggressive. That’s ok. Tone is very difficult to convey in communication channels like this forum. Anyway, thank you for your response despite my failing to be helpful.

and was more formally dismissive that it was in my head to get help

I believe that the weird behavior of software that you’ve observed is, indeed, real.
There are many possible reasons why that could happen. Being personally targeted by an international group of hacker-stalkers who are constantly interfering with your life is definitely one of them, and absolutely a thing that happens. It’s extremely rare though, mainly because it’s really expensive.


I have an old Russian friend too. He survived the siege of Leningrad as a child. He spent his formative years in Ukraine and became an ALGOL programmer. He came over when Breshnev eased up on immigration policies. He landed in L.A. with $100 in his pocket a wife and two kids. He started a software company and now lives (next to) Beverly Hills.

I visited him earlier this month. He has had two strokes but is still ambulatory. He told me he now knows the reason for an old Russian proverb, “The walls of my house are my friends.” (They help keep his balance.)

By his example I propose not all Russians are rigid. But then again he picked up some Ukranian habits also.