Librem 14 - Crashes when doing a lot of tasks

My machine has crashed three times so far today. I have a lot of applications on and am watching YouTube while working. Randomly while loading up a new word document or changing tabs in my browser the computer will lock up and crash… when it crashes it goes to a black screen were I see: ^@@@@@@ on it. I hit control+c and get back into the login screen. Does anyone know whats going on?

Sounds like the GUI crashing (rather than the Librem 14 itself crashing, otherwise Ctrl-C wouldn’t be enough to resurrect it).

One thing to check is whether you are running out of memory. How much RAM is installed? How much is in use by applications?

You should also make sure that all your software / firmware etc. is up to date.

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Ya, it’s odd.

I have 32GB of RAM installed and only 20GB is being used.

Checked to make sure everything is up to date. (Firmware and Software)