Librem 14: Dead/No Charge

As correlated to this thread, I do know (accordingly, as based on my own RMA experience with them) that Purism support@ Team is as tolerant toward their customers as much as they can be (investing their best time, knowledge and good will to help and provide actual/relevant repair when needed).

And therefore, very thankful to Purism RMA Team(s) as well!

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Purism | GNU+Linux | :shushing_face:

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I disagree. To require 3 RMA’s in a two month period would be a non-starter for me and there is no way that I would characterize that as a good experience. It is my understanding that Purism’s RMA procedure leaves the customer without a laptop until the repair is completed. Thus one is without a laptop during the “Mail to Purism --> repair --> Purism Mails fixed product”. For most companies I’ve dealt with, when I RMA it within the first year, they actually replace it with a new one and I mail back the broken one so that I have minimal/no downtime.

The previous poster made it clear that their issue occurred with the Purism-supplied barrel charger. Your posts in this thread about USB-PD were mostly offtopic. I’ve seen you in multiple threads barge through and ignore what the poster is saying. Let me be clear: The OP’s problem had nothing to do with USB-PD. I know you’re trying to help, but IMO it isn’t helpful at all.

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Are you looking at things here from some strategical level (from above) that doesn’t apply here? But anyway, I’m not going to even think any further about which kind of relationship you are perhaps (toward some unknown customer) trying to sell here.

And not to forget to reply to you, all I wrote in my posts here is when you use some 20V PD power supply (with additional propitiatory charging protocols and as isn’t questionable here that such “wrongly selected” power source used for extended periods of time, up to two non-adequate source/sink combos used) please make sure that those are compatible (in charging protocol standard terms, related to USB-DCP or USB-PD five voltage profiles, while five of them belong to PD3.0 standard) with Librem 14 USB-C PD input port (not just physical contacts). Here is one reliable/dedicated sample of power supply (USB-IF certified) that should work properly (out-of-the-box) with any Librem 14:

Perhaps I wrote something like: “run it, just go ahead before …” or perhaps: “think before …”, if irrelevant we will leave things here as those are (while Purism might decide, not you neither myself, to help, being favorable to them, their customer “in trouble”, help ones that are not able to push something that will not work there …, not work there as up to my guess, not work while not charging standards through USB compliant).

Indeed, thanks! Even I found good and comfortable reasons :wink: on why to catch up with the non-proprietary environment: Does RYF certification even matter.

First: You didn’t quote the relevant context for my quote (e.g. “what is a non-starter”). That’s rude.

Second: I am looking specifically at what the OP has said. His laptop required 3 RMA’s over 2 months. That is a non-starter for me. It’s completely relevant.

What is irrelevant and nearly off-topic is that his problem had almost nothing to do with USB-PD charging. He stated upfront that the issue was with the barrel charger. He repeatedly told you that
it had nothing to do with USB-PD. And you have repeatedly brought it back to that. You seem
to be obsessed. Further, you try to provide some sort of information with a link to a video in
Tagalog that provides me with 0 information.

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USB was NOT designed to charge batteries!” comes from this presentation (2018). In addition, Dean kindly wrote in his presentation: “Device can recognize a SDP with hardware by detecting that the USB data lines, D+ and D−, are separately grounded through 15kΩ, but needs to enumerate (handshake) to be USB compliant.” This approach might be actually considered as main reason on why I linked related video (only one I could find about particular power supply, yet clearly providing facts about charging protocols supported/enumerated there).

Dean actually wrote book about USB port battery charging as well (although I never ordered one, as I don’t need it). In addition, charging over USB is in constant development, some might even consider that every PD power supply with UL62368-1 certificate is the best to buy for charging Librem 14, but I just cannot follow things blindly, although follow and appreciate indeed great progress there, USB charging up to 28V related (for now). And, we might actually be thankful to the person that made here related/linked video, showing us relevant charging related outputs (before any intended usage charging protocols outputs, with providing honest reasons on why not to make mistake and buy this for 20V non-adequate power supply, while someone just wanted to support some Linux community, perhaps, for example) about in this thread mentioned 65W USB-C “PD” port.

EDIT: Actually many of the most recent PD3.0 power supplies, therefore here shown teardown of PD3.0 100W one (pro any built-in USB-C port, etc., up to 245W max. if more than two USB-C ports used for providing power over USB to some external device, that is based on TEA2016AAT, INN650D150A, IP2738, IP6550, etc. chips), would very likely work (without single battery charging issue) with any Librem 14 laptop (especially when compared to the one mentioned here, within this thread, as used):

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I think you broke him :D.

There was another thread I had with him talking about the USB-C thing, and I don’t think he’s quite let it go.

You’re absolutely correct that my RMA cycle had nothing to do with USB-C. In fact, the only time I mentioned it was as a troubleshooting step (“neither of my two Purism-provided power supplies are working, and I tried USB-C, too”)

It’s not relevant, but if the capability doesn’t work, why include it?

Anyhoo, thanks for pitching in.

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You said it didn’t work. It’s what he knew how to troubleshoot on the off-chance that you could find a working USB C charger, which could end this RMA cycle you’re complaining about. Maybe you said you can not or will not charge via USB, but either way it’s messed up to shit on the guy for trying to help you.

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That’s neither fair, nor how it went. Even if USB-C had worked to charge the device I still would’ve RMA’d it since not being able to change via the barrel connector is kind of a big deal.

Most of Q’s responses involved detailed dives into the USB-C protocol which weren’t particularly relevant. I only noted it for the sake of completionism. I tried every appropriate charger I had (65W+ PD) without success.

Q’s investigations and studies into USB-C are interesting and worthwhile, just off topic on this thread. Pointing that out is not “shitting” on him.

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No, but



Sigh. Point taken. My apologies for teasing/rudeness @Quarnero

Clearly you didn’t intend what you said the way I read it, so I will admit fault for that. I see where I made my mistake, my bad for coming at you more harshly than was really warranted. For my part, I’m cool if you are.

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