Librem 14 dead: Not responding at all

After a series of shutdowns, purism support told me to upgrade ec firmware to solve the problem. So I did. After the update the fan started to make loud noises now and then. But no shutdowns. Couple of days passed by. My laptop shut down again (but not as many times as before firmware upgrade).
But today it got stuck at the password opening screen, screen went black and laptop doesn’t respond at all anymore. No matter what I do, what buttons I press, with or without charger; nothing. One sign of life: wifi and battery lights are still on (also without charger).
Purism support hasn’t responded to my last three mails yet….
Anyone who encountered this? This doesn’t look very good for a brand new laptop is my opinion. Is this a software or hardware issue? Very unpredictable to work with. And have no trust anymore this device will stay with me very long (like my 14 year old cheap mini laptop with a burned hole in the back of the screen and still works! Although you can easily make and drink a cup of coffee during it’s Linux mint startup :wink:).

If you are confident, check seating of RAM and disk(s). However for a new laptop this really is an issue to leave to Purism support.

+1 for reseat the ram and ssd/hdd connections. Also, try running for a while from a live USB as a way to see if it’s more stable with different software.

I would also run memtest86+ and a drive test.

I let the battery run empty overnight and was able to start it again. Support told me it was crashing on the new firmware…
Still a loud fan noise, but the laptop is still running. I’ll run memtest86+ and drive test anyway. Cause I’m not comfortable yet.