Librem 14 documentation?

I just saw that has no documentation for the Librem 14 - which is unfortunate because no manual came with my new laptop. Is there no documentation? Am I mostly fine using Librem 15 documentation? If so, what are the primary differences?

Also worth mentioning… I was unable to load the site via my VPN provider. Is Purism (or Purism’s web host) blocking certain IP addresses? I mention it because it’s rare for that to happen and my VPN provider did not list the IP as blacklisted.

Purism seem to have very little time to dedicate to this documentation. The docs for Librem 15 and 13 are also less than perfect. What exactly do you want to know about your device?

I have to admit that Purism’s documentation isn’t the best (especially documentation of that documentation even existing).
Check out



It would be nice to have something. I mean…really.

I’d like an overview of my machine,. I’d like to know where everything is located and I’d like to know the little things that I don’t know to ask about.

I’d like to know what all 17 PCI controllers that are listed in Qubes settings control. Some are obvious. Some are not.

I’d like to know what size screw hold my laptop together so I can have more on hand if I need them.

I’d like to know specifically what the kill switches kill. Obviously they kill power to various components but I read somewhere that the microphone kill switch also kills the mic input in the headphone jack. Is that true?

What else don’t I know? I want information, not easter eggs.

I understand that there is no hard copy manual that comes with my new device (… though I still have the ones from my two previous Librems). But no digital version? No official wiki? Nothing I can print out and keep near my toilet?

That’s all. I love this laptop. I think the folks at Purism are heroes of the modern age. I’m not asking for bling. I don’t need stickers. I just want to be informed!



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@zenyatta Thank you! I didn’t know that existed. Yes, it’s lacking but it’s something… enough to give you the solution prize.

(I guess the screws are the same as in older Librems).

Yes: and

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