Librem 14: EC firmware update issue

There is an unexpected issue that I have encountered after applying this EC Firmware update, which might be Qubes-specific. After typing my Qubes user password and hitting the Enter key, the LED indicator for the Wifi/Bluetooth killswitch turns off. The LED functions normally during boot and after decrypting the drive, but it immediately turns off after Qubes user signin. The killswitch itself still works, but the LED indicator does not.

Has anyone else experienced this issue on Librem 14 running Qubes 4 (not 4.1)?

I have noticed that this is an intermittent issue. Sometimes, the LED turns off after decrypting the drive, sometimes after user login, and sometimes it functions properly.

Same experience here.

@dom0 @leaningtrees do you happen to know which EC firmware version you are using?

$ sudo ./purism_ectool info
board: purism/librem_14
version: 2021-08-03_05d9990

I think the LED is not switch indicator, but wireless status indicator. It turns off when I use the software “flight mode” in PureOS.

The EC firmware version that I am using is the same as @leaningtrees.

version: 2021-08-03_05d9990

@joao.azevedo I should probably add that I do not actually find this to be much of an issue, personally. I just wanted to let people know that it exists. As long as the killswitch works, which it does, then everything is fine for me. This is just a cosmetic issue.

I do wonder when and how I will be able to change settings involving the colours and uses of the charging and notification LEDs, but that is also just cosmetic.

Seems there is a newer EC v1.7 version.

Thank you for letting me know about this. I also noticed that there was a coreboot update as well.

I had forgotten about this intermittent issue, as I have not experienced it in months.

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