Librem 14 - Fast Charging Battery

Hey all, I have the Librem 14 laptop and noticed that it doesn’t seem to charge at all while the laptop is running and charges quite slowly when the laptop is sleeping/shutdown. I don’t think that anything is defective as I came across this post: add setting normal / fast charge via ACPI (#2) · Issues · firmware / Librem EC · GitLab which says:

“Similar to start and end threshold setting for battery charging add a setting to choose normal or fast charging. Slower charging with less current takes more than twice as long but extends battery life expectancy. (ATM default is normal/slow charge which takes several hours from empty to full)”
-Nicole Faerber

This post seems to imply that “fast charging” can be enabled on the Librem 14 by modifying the EC firmware, but I don’t know what to change and especially not what to change it to. I’m wondering if any of y’all in the community have done this or may know how to do it.

This laptop is able to charge from empty to full overnight if it’s shutdown which is certainly enough for me to continue using this laptop. I also understand that “slow charging” will increase the life expectancy of the battery compared to “fast charging”. However, it would be nice to have a faster charging time and for it to keep up with and surpass the power consumption while using the laptop (granted, my laptop specs are probably the reason for this).

Thank you!


Are there any news about this, maybe @nicole.faerber has some update?

My L14 does charge also while running, but quite slowly.

Update the EC if you have not done so already. My Librem 14 charges just fine running or not. Most of the time it is at 100%.

I am using EC 1.13_2023-03-22 since April. Still, I find the charging speed slow.

Usually I use a USB-c charger (65W). Does that matter? Is the barrel plug (always) faster to charge?

Maybe, try switching them and see if that solves your issue.

Usually I use the 65W USB-C charger for my Librem 5 USA, but when I did briefly use it for the Librem 14, it was fine too.