Librem 14 For Hacking?

Could the Librem be a good computer for an ethical hacker? (student environment)

Can the Librem 14 run vm’s in virtual box, vmware? If so, what about them? How have they been running? Any issues or configuration incompatabilities?

Can the Librem 14 use the packet capture and injection usb wifi tools for hackers? The ones compatible with parrot/kali, etc.

It can do everything that any Linux-compatible computer can do, because it’s the one. Moreover, it can run Qubes OS, providing even more possibilities for virtualization, hacking and security.


Awesome. I just needed to hear this, and that others feel it would be usable as well. I know I can use any laptop, or even smartphone but what sense would that actually make when you have the Librem 14 or other products available here at Purism?


Best Qubes Laptop is the Secure Librem 14

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Thanks for sharing, already read this and watched all their vids on youtube. I got the mini and librem both so Im very excited to create and learn with these tools.