Librem 14 for sale available now - Paris

It is with a very heavy heart that I must separate myself from my Librem 14 for the moment.

The laptop, which arrived in August and spent most of its days sitting in a drawer, is in near perfect condition, with no scratches or other marks. I bought the minimal configuration, but increased RAM and storage to the max (64GB RAM, 2TB NVMe)
I will let the buyer choose the specs they want, and the price will be negotiated accordingly. I intend on charging about 90-95% of the original price I paid for it (TVA included), so don’t expect much of a discount, but the computer is available right now, as opposed to if you get it straight from Purism.

I prefer selling to someone local from around Paris, or as a last option, to someone in Europe.

Don’t hesitate to DM me or post a reply for more info.

And I hope it doesn’t take too long before I buy another Librem 14, it is an awesome computer! :smiley:

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