Librem 14 Hardware Upgrade Backplate Cover Removal Help

Hey all,
I’m at a loss with my attempts to remove the backplate so I can upgrade the ssd! I’ve tried my normal “non-damaging” PC tools to attempt to slip under the cover with no avail. I searched a lot on the forum and couldn’t find anything. I even found the Purism youtube that shows opening the case, but it jumps from the backplate being secured with screws removed to the plate being slightly dislodged for easy removal by hand.

I don’t want to use a metal knife and damage the aluminum. Anyone have a special trick?



Hey again - I took another desperate look at my PC tools kit and noticed an odd tool that I’ve never used, so I gave it a shot and presto. Leaving a pic behind for the method that worked for me using the suction cup to wiggle to plate loose… in case someone else needs a hint like me.