Librem 14: Headphone buzzing


The headphone jack on my Librem 14 makes a permanent noise/buzzing sound and I am wondering if anyone else has faced this issue. I am running PureOS with CoreBoot.

Of course, plugging in the same headphones to a different computer does not result in the same problem.

uname -a

5.10.0-9-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 5.10.70-1 (2021-09-30) x86_64 GNU/Linux

Any tips are much appreciated!

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Hi @ozeki,

I have the same issue. The Purism support team asked me to update the EC and coreboot:

It felt like it helped a bit but now the problem is back.

Support also asked me to check if setting keyboard back-light to maximum helps or not. Unfortunately it didn’t either.

If you still have the problem after doing the above, I suggest you contact them by email.

Can you please keep us posted?

Given that there are two people who have had issues, it does seem likely to be something with the L14. That said, I have some strange headphone issues with a different laptop that took me a while to figure out, so I’ll mention it here in case it has any relevance.

I have a System76 Galago Pro that would occasionally give me weird noise issues with headphones. The headphones didn’t have issues on other equipment, other headphones didn’t have issues on the laptop, and the troublesome headphones did not even always have issues with the laptop.

I eventually realized that the noise only appeared when I had my Ethernet cable plugged in, and that was only because I was using a power line adapter for my Ethernet. So it was a very specific combination of power line Ethernet + specific headphones + specific laptop that resulted in the noise.

Again, since two people are reporting this issue, it seems unlikely that it’s the case here, but maybe there are some common factors.

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There have been multiple reports of buzzing noise when using the headphone jack. Updating to latest EC helps a LOT, but doesn’t completely fix the underlying issue.
That is cheap quality DAC and its isolation. This is an issue amongs cheap laptops. My speculation is that there is a bit power leakage near the headphone jack that causes distortion.

But if you want good quality audio out of an consumer device you should buy a quality usb DAC such as AudioQuest DragonFly.

Sounds like a ground loop.

Try different 3.5 mm jacks likeTRRS and TRS to check if noise is gone…

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I started to use my L14 more and more, I am also hearing the buzzing in the headphone, but it seems only happens if the computer is charging, if the Librem 14 is not charging there is no buzzing on the headphone.

But also on my case if the Librem 14 is charging it make a small buzz on the speaker too if i not using headphone. : (