Librem 14 Keyboard

I would like to suggest a keyboard redesign regarding the shift key on the right side of the laptop. I would like to see the shift key enlarged and move the PgUp button down to split with the PgDn button. In any case, the Shift button on the Librem 14 laptop is terribly inconvenient and often causes me to hit the PgUp button by mistake.


I agree that a slight redesign would be nice. I think if the arrow keys were shrunk down as some other laptop layouts use it would allow for the full size shift key on the right. I also think a trackpad upgrade would be nice something glass that is a bit smoother maybe. Overall the L14 is a really nice looking laptop, just a couple things to improve for the V2.

100% agreed on that. I hate hitting the arrow when I’m reaching for the shift. The other is to move the power button off of the keyboard. I don’t want to put my machine to sleep if I miss the backspace.

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