Librem 14 laptop is dead

My Librem 14 laptop is not switching on using the power button. Instead, power on is getting triggered using the besides Del and Prt Scr buttons, but not switch on completely and becomes off before anything shows up on the screen. After the power on is triggered using those buttons, if I press them repeatedly or hold those buttons, the laptop is powered on, and the screen shows up. After I release those buttons after around 5 seconds, it’s again getting switched off.

I’m facing this issue for quite a while and using my alternative Dell laptop for work. Any thoughts on how to resolve this issue @Kyle_Rankin, @MrChromebox

MrChromebox doesn’t work for Purism anymore. You’d be better off emailing support.


Please contact


Okay, Thanks!

Are you sure? He is still listed on .

Pretty positive. There was an announcement somewhere in this forum a while back (I know that’s zero help to you), but I swear I saw it.

Thanks. After posting I noticed his last post on this forum was end-July 2022. A little bit of google/ddg and it looks like he left Purism in July at which time he started working for AMD (in Austin TX as “Principal Member of Technical Staff”)

AMD? Appreciate you solving that mystery, I’d wondered where he ended up. Hopefully doing great things and not selling out (I don’t know that that would be much of a concern for AMD though. It’s not like he went to google, in spite of his username).