Librem 14 laptop network card(s) not working PureOS

Was working no problems now it isn’t. Plug CAT 5/6 cable into it nothing. WiFi not working either.

Contact Purism support.

Thanks, I solved it. Just didn’t have time to mess with it and was hoping someone else had a solution.

/etc/resolv.conf was corrupt reconfigured it using google DNS servers.


Mark your answer as a solution.

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No, don’t do that. Google is never the answer. :wink:

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Okay, provide an alternative answer/solution then.

If using the systemd-resolved service for name resolution, …

  1. /etc/resolv.conf is a symbolic link, so editing it may not even have the desired outcome.
  2. That file specifically tells you not to edit it (because the file that the symbolic link leads to will be generated automatically). So the effect of editing it may be to break that permanently, or temporarily. On the one hand, it may appear to solve the problem but on the other hand it will mean that your computer will cease responding dynamically to the state of the network interfaces. On occasion that could be “OK” i.e. if the device is used exclusively in one location and in one network state and it actually works at all.
  3. The file that is the target of the symbolic link should contain nameserver
  4. and of course there must be a resolver on that IP address (which when everything is working there will be).

It seems as if a common cause of resolv.conf breakage is that someone uses a VPN temporarily and the VPN mishandles the file. (You will note also that just hard-coding an external provider’s IP address as DNS server may cause VPN leakage. That is, “network state” includes the bringing up and taking down of a VPN.)

If you must hard-code an external provider’s IP address then may be preferable to the Google DNS servers i.e. choose your “poison”.

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