Librem 14 laptop pre purchase question

Considering the Librem Pro 14 that is coming out and had a couple questions. Is the warranty provided direct from Purism or is it 3rd party? In the event it has to be sent in, can I keep the drive before sending out?

Is the trackpad glass and does it have gestures like swipe back and forward? I tried out Pure OS but it was a VM which may not have all the features installed.

I see there is an old style barrel plug adapter, can I use USB C to charge? If so what wattage is required?

Lastly if I purchase the coreboot/SeaBIOS option with PureOS be preinstalled?

Do you want official answers from Purism or will you take guesses from the community?

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Either is fine. I have an email out to them but community insight is helpful.

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You can charge using either the barrel plug or the USB-C port that supports Power Delivery. (The other USB-C port only supports data.) I’m not sure what voltage/amperage is supported.

Regardless of whether you select Coreboot+SeaBIOS or PureBoot+Heads, PureOS will be preinstalled. If you plan to dual boot with Windows, you will want Coreboot+SeaBIOS. If you want to use the Librem Key, then you need PureBoot+Heads.


OK then, my guesses:



But perhaps not if you were claiming that the drive / drive interface itself is faulty, in which case you would want to shred or pick up a cheap replacement drive and insert that.

Like Amos, I don’t know - but it should be negotiated, as per the USB spec. It will take the lesser of what it can get and what it needs. Obviously this only works if both ends are compliant with the spec.


Thanks for the information, got most of the questions answered and in only a matter of hours. I suspect it will take a few more days for Purism to email back.

The only other question would be on touchpad. I have never used a Purism laptop, in the past is it a quality glass touch pad like a mac or similar? I guess for this model will have to wait for it to be released to find out.

I believe we replied to your email this morning.

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@Arr6, If you got a reply from Purism, it would be nice to post the answers that you got, so other people don’t have to ask the same questions.


I did get a reply, I must say they were rather quick. I was expecting to wait a while.

Here are the answers:

They provide the warranty directly, and I can keep the drive when sending out

The trackpad is not glass and gestures etc are availble, but would be something I have to tweak via GNOME and other packages.

Yes it can charge via USB-C but was not provided wattage. I could go off of original charger to see what is required

I think this question was not clear. But from the community it will have PureOS installed regardless of option.