Librem 14 laptop - Question

Hi everyone
I’m wanting to buy a v14 laptop. But looking to reduce what I pay am I able to order one with 8gb RAM and then install my own to max it out to 64gb without affecting warranty? I don’t know if that can be answered here, but the extra $500 + for RAM is a bit steep for me.

Does anyone here have recommendations for good, and I mean good quality RAM I could use which is I think 2 X 32gb?

I appreciate any pointers I can get.

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Yes you can definitely add your own ram, its part of the reason for buying a L14! I put 2 sticks of these in to get it up to 64gb. I also went with this to have a 2TB NVME drive.

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Thanks for that. I didn’t think about the ssd, but that is a good idea. Does adding this after purchase affect warranty do you know?

Adding your own ram/ssd/wifi card/etc does NOT affect warranty. They even have guides posted to help you here.


That is excellent advice. I’m new to this so didn’t know of this. I thank you for your input which has mad things very clear.