Librem 14 Made in

Where do the components for the Librem 14 come from?

I understand that final assembly is done in the USA.
Intel CPUs are also mostly made in the USA. Source
So what about:

  • power supply
  • RAM
  • SSD
  • motherboard
  • panel (display)
  • chassis
  • battery

Power supply, RAM, and SSD should just say on them where they are made.

Support as already told me that they will not sell machines without RAM, SSD, or power supply.

I am asking because for many reasons I cannot buy from the PRC. Of course one cannot turn around every little capacitor or chip which I do not intend to do.

Just by reading Slimbook info* might easily answer your question indirectly: “Although our laptop’s motherboard is manufactured in China (such as all brands), computers are completely assembled to your taste (with your RAM or your hard drive) in Spain. Employing people in our country who are specialized technicians.
The operating system is also installed by our technical team.

Also, as Librem 14 might easily become the one of your best choice, please see full menu for additional information on “allergens” here:

And if all of above doesn’t help (right away), even usage of chassis that is assembled within PRC serves well to the people that like to change things (we are accustomed to):


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Hardware and software configurations are done in USA. The laptop is made in China and designed in California.


The majority of Linux laptops (Slimbook, TUXEDO Computers, System76, ThinkPenguin, Juno, PCW, Why!, Entroware, Ekimia, Kubuntu Focus, ITopia, Keynux, Laptop with Linux, NovaCustom, on the market are base models made by Clevo, which is a Taiwanese laptop company, which assembles its laptops in China. See my spreadsheet of Linux hardware sellers:

What these Clevo resellers do is they get the base model from Clevo, and then they put in the SSD and RAM, which is ordered by the customer. Some resellers like ThinkPenguin will also put in a special WiFi. These laptop sellers like Slimbook say that the final assembly is done in their home countries, but for all practical purposes they were assembled in China. Purism also says that it does the final assembly of its laptops in Carlsbad, California, but the assembly of the laptop without the SSD, RAM and WiFi is done in China.

I don’t know of any Linux laptop on the market that aren’t assembled in China, and in fact, roughly 95% of all the world’s laptops are assembled in China. The only exception is Lenovo, which is a Chinese company, whose US store sells the Thinkpad X1 Carbon and Yoga with Fedora or Ubuntu. Lenovo does some assembly of Thinkpads in Whitsett, North Carolina and Yamagata, Japan, but the vast majority of its assembly is in China. I’m sure that big corporate customers in the US or Japan can specify that their laptops must come from Whitsett or Yamagata, but I don’t know if it is possible for ordinary customers.

As for finding out where the components of the L14 are from, someone who owns an L14, should install the “lshw” package and then post the output of the sudo lshw command for @JulianGro. Of course, Purism may change its components, but that will give him some idea.