Librem 14 New Laptop

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know if the new Librem 14 laptop has a removable battery? And do the other laptops?

Also is it easy to get spares from Purism or elsewhere?

On a slightly different note, did anyone see the “tech giants” hearing yesterday? All of them appeared to say how great they were on privacy & security???

Are my meds wrong? Did I miss something?? :blush::sunglasses:

Lastly the Librem mini looks awesome, System76 do not disable the Intel ME on their meerkat mini, but Purism do? Strange?

Apart from high performance gaming are mini PC’S the way forward?

Thanks in advance


i believe we’ve been fed more or less the same “meds” all our life
are you referring to this article or the “hearing” in general ? >
“gatekeepers” my ass …

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Every previous Purism device has had a removable battery, so I would be shocked if the L14 didn’t have one as well.

Purism sells batteries, chargers, rubber feet, and SSD mounting kits in its web store. The charger is a standard part that you can also buy on eBay. For all other parts, you have to call the company and see what is available. Because Purism uses custom manufacturing, it can have trouble getting replacement parts that aren’t standardized, such as cases, hinges, logic boards, etc.

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Hey reC how are you?

I have not seen that Link but thanks thats very cool of you for the info, I actually watched some of the hearing from the US has it was broadcast here, I listened to person after person from the big 4 say how great they were on privacy and security and thought hey? What?

Thanks for the info


Hey amosbatto thanks for that I really appreciate it.

Thanks again