Librem 14 not recognizing headphones through jack

Just set up my Librem 14 and tried to connect headphones to listen to music / watch videos. However, the audio never switches to output to the headphone jack and only comes out of the speakers. I have tested the headphones on a different laptop and they work fine. The ‘Sound’ settings do not detect the headphones as an output source. Any guidance on this? Thanks!

I know there’s another thread for this because I had the same issue but I think the updates have covered it software wise and now you can just go into settings and select the output that you want.

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Thanks for the reply! I just did a full upgrade

sudo apt full-upgrade

Followed by a reboot and the problem persists… Any tips?

I think this needs a firmware update and this is only available at the moment if you are using classic Coreboot + BIOS (so if you are using Pureboot you will have to be patient for a bit longer). You will need to use the forum search function (top right) to find the relevant topic.

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I think this is where I updated mine.

PureBoot was updated with the fix last week


thanks I will give this a try!

Yep the coreboot update did it. Still have to manually switch output device but i’ll take it :slight_smile:


Yes hopefully one day it will be automatic! :+1:


Is there a link to the update? I have auto update notification on and installed an update this week but ear bud output jack sill not working??? Thanks!

Here you go

Updated firmware, and it’s still not working.

Are you sure you have the newest firmware version installed? You can check that with the following command

sudo dmidecode -s bios-version

It will ask for your password and will return the installed firmware version. The current version is “4.14-Purism-1”.

You have to manually switch between speaker and headphones in the ‘Sound’ preferences menu. Maybe that’s it?


What is the latest version of PureBoot? I have PureBoot-Release-17.1 on my L14.

use utility posted above to upgrade

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Is it necessary to do anything further if one has PureBoot (coreboot+Heads)? There are no further instructions after

if running PureBoot firmware, the script will prompt you to copy the update to USB and to update via the Heads menu option.

and I don’t see the Heads menu option listed (and there is no link to updating heads in the instructions.

use utilioty to fetch pureboot image
put it on usb stick
reboot computer, pres esc to enter pureboot menu,
now search advanced menu for update bios option. follow instructions presented on screen.

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Ear buds have been working post update, Thanks

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Update still required for audio jack to work in Librem-14 shipped in 2023.