Librem 14 not yet available but Intel 10 already got his replacement

Most of the companies who build PC are trying to move away from Intel 10 and prefer Intel 11 which is a huge technological leap regarding performance/power consumption. I know that for Purism it is not as easy because more need to be made (ME disabling etc…) but is there any test already being done on Intel 11th ? Would be ready to buy a Librem 14 tomorrow if if would have the same specs with Intel 11th inside…

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Let me ask you another question:
What can you do with a 11th gen CPU that you can’t do with a 10th Gen 6C12T CPU?


First of all, we are talking about 15W mobile processors, so we are comparing the 14nm Comet Lake-U i7-10710U with 6 cores to the 10nm Tiger Lake-UP3 i7-1185G7E with 4 cores. For people running Qubes or doing tasks like video rendering, they would prefer to have the extra two CPU cores, so i7-10710U is better than the i7-1185G7E. For people who 3D game or do CAD, the Iris® Xe graphics in the i7-1185G7E is a big upgrade over UHD Graphics in the i7-10710U. For most people buying the L14, however, I doubt that they will see much difference. The truth is that any Core processor from the last 5 years is plenty fast for what most people do with their laptops. If you run benchmarks, you can see the performance difference, but that will barely be noticeable for most people doing tasks like surfing the web, running office software and using email clients.

With Purism laptops, you have to expect that you will get trailing edge tech. First of all, it takes a while for the Google + Intel engineers to make a good Coreboot port for the latest generation of Core processors for Chromebooks. Then, it takes a while for Purism to order the custom manufacturing to add kill switches and a TPM. Then, it takes Matt DeVillier a while to do the Coreboot port. Assuming that the Librem 14 ships in February, it will arrive 15 months after the i7-10710U first started shipping to OEMs, which is more up-to-date than previous Librem models.


Fair points ! Purism14 catchwords are “The Road Warrior”, as road warrior myself, at lease before this pandemic, I prefer to have less cores and more battery. For me 4 cores is well enough for all my basic usage and even some advance usage as well (outside of compiling source where I am using my server). I have read that the diff could be as big as 2hours/20%…

Seems that AMD is catching up (or already did!) anything in the roadmap?

Not unless you know how to neutralize and disable AMD Platform Security Processor.

Me also a road warrior I would have loved a bigger battery. Maybe I m gone do a mod …
Concerning battery life, I believe there is a tiny difference between 6C12T 10th gen and 4C8T 11th gen. More cores clocked at a lower frequency tend to be more efficient if the tasks can run in parallel. Though I agree better single core perfromance is always nice.