Librem 14 Nvme double slots


I open the brand new Librem 14 freshly received.
There are two slots for Nvme hard dirves on this hardware, one is on the right side and the other one is behind the large battery.
Is it ok to install an additional Nvme and put the battery over it ? it may cause some damage I guess ?
which means that the second nvme can’t be used ?

Thanks for your reply and help on this.

Yes. Even if it fits, NVME drives get very hot. The 2nd slot is only usable if you get a 3S battery from Purism. If that’s something you’re interested in, email support and ask them if you can buy one.



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Thank you both for your quick and clear responses.

Well you can use it to perform a flexible Libre bluetooth module. :wink:


can you please clarify on this ? give an example ?