Librem 14 nvme upgrade

I recently received my librem 14 and I have been having slight issues upgrading the main drive. I purchased a 1TB WD SN550 nvme. When I tried cloning the original m.2 drive to the nvme the drive boots, but cannot setup the initial disk encryption after setting a password. I also tried a fresh install, but after cryptsetup is successful upon booting it doesn’t load gnome. I am able to get a prompt and I even tried fixing the packages but no luck. Another thing to note is that after a fresh install the video drivers don’t load and the splash screen only covers the upper left corner. I’m guessing it’s a driver issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

you’re likely trying to install an older version of PureOS than shipped on the L14. use the ISO from: and reinstall cleanly


Thank you for the quick reply. I will give that a shot. Thank you!

That did the trick. Thanks again.