Librem 14 on Debian bookworm

Question for the experienced. I wanted to build up my linux system from scratch and so I started with a very minimal Debian install, building incrementally. It’s mostly where I want it but I still have the following problems when compared to the full PureOS install:

  • On restart, the keyboard backlight will reset to OFF. I’d like it to remember its previous setting or at least default to on.
  • After wake from sleep, the backlight up/down function keys no longer work. They do work after a reboot.

I have installed the librem-ec-acpi-dkms package. But, wondering if there’s anything else to consider.

I’m running a Librem 14 off of the bookworm (testing) branch of Debian.

This sounds like the librem-ec-acpi module is either not loaded or not working. Can you check this?

This is exactly what happens when the librem-ec-acpi driver is not there or not working.


Hmmmm. Would that be provided by the librem-ec-acpi-dkms package? I run:

$ lsmod | grep librem

But I don’t see it loaded. So I wonder if I need to take additional steps to enable the module after it’s installed.

Ha! I figured this out, you gave me the hint I needed.

After some head-scratching I reinstalled the librem-ec-acpi module and noticed the install was actually failing due to missing kernel headers.

I ran what I needed to have run when I upgraded from stable to testing: $ sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

This had the side effect of installing the correct kernel headers for this kernel, so the librem-ec-acpi-dkms package was installed correctly and both issues are resolved now.

I might post some more in this thread if I run into any other adventures. The only other thing I’d really like it to be doing right now is automatically switching audio output when I plug in headphones to the jack. Currently I have to do that manually in the settings every time.

Thanks for the tip Nicole.

Oh, nice to know that librem-ec-acpi-dkms is also in Debian, I wrongly assumed that it would only be in PureOS and that kept me from switching to “plain” Debian so far :wink:

That is also still not working in PureOS, at least for me.

Purism was very cool to get librem-ec-acpi-dkms merged into the main Debian repositories. I appreciate that.

You can listen to ACPI events with the acpi_listen command, but when you plug / unplug the headphones, no ACPI events are fired. So I wonder if it’s more of a driver / firmware / hardware problem.