Librem 14 power-offs when audio jack is connected

Sometimes wen I plug in headphones to audio jack of L14 the screen fades off and I have to unplug charger before I can turn it on with power button again. I use mostly the original DC barrel power source, but it happens with USB-C charger also.

I have PureBoot 28.3 now (and I think it is happening since the firmware which implemented the audio jack detection). I use QubesOS, but it happened even before OS booted up, so I guess it does not depend on OS.

I think there is less chance this happens when I suspend, connect audio cable and wake up.

The audio works, including the microphone.

Has anyone same problem?


I have noticed this too sometimes, though this does not happen all of the time. I haven’t had the time to investigate reliable steps to reproduce this.


@Honza , @gondolyr - I have an idea to improve this, but it doesn’t occur on the devices I have, so I could use your help testing it. Can either of you test preview EC builds on your Librem 14? I will need a bit of time to prepare the build and test the basics, but once it’s ready it would be helpful if you are able to run it for a while to monitor for this issue.