Librem 14 powers off at 66% battery charge

Hihi! I have a strange issue in my Librem 14 laptop. Sometimes it powers off when I work on battery. Often this happens when the indicator shows 66% of charge. What can it be?

If this happens I just power it on again and continue my work. But this is quite annoying, I’d like to find out the cause.

Your Gnu Laptop L14 is uptodate with EC?

As i said make sure that is uptodate EC and Later disconect la battery for 15 minutes to full poweroff to reset the EC.


For reference: I have followed the instructions and updated the EC. Subjectively the laptop works better now, I also think some other minor issues have been solved, e.g there are no more problems enabling the Bluetooth controller after a sleep. I don’t see any surprising poweroffs after a month of use.