Librem 14 Qubes: audio and gui service qubes

Are there any QubesOS users here that have experience setting up audio and gui service qubes on a Librem 14?

I have been able to setup a disposable sys-audio qube that works, but there is something strange about how it needs to boot up. It needs to startup, then shutdown, then startup, then shutdown, and then startup a third time in order for it to recognize the audio device as being attached. I made a detailed post about it on a QubesOS forum thread here.

If anyone can help me make sense of it, please reply here or on the QubesOS forum post.

I would also appreciate any information about setting up a gui service qube on the Librem 14.

  • Does it work without issue?

  • Is it recommended to first create a hybrid sys-gui before creating a sys-gui-gpu utilizing gpu-passthrough?

  • Would both sys-gui and sys-gui-gpu have default panel setup that needs to be configured?

  • Does the panel in sys-gui and sys-gui-gpu support having Launcher buttons that run scripts in dom0?

  • What is it like to boot QubesOS with sys-gui and with sys-gui-gpu on Librem 14?

Again, I would appreciate any information about any of the things mentioned in this post.