Librem 14 QubesOS Battery Charging Issues

I allowed my Librem 14 battery to drain completely last week.

Now, the laptop’s battery will not charge as it used to. For example, I left the laptop powered on, and plugged in over night, and the charge percentage did not change over the course of roughly 10 hours. The battery does not charge at all when the laptop is un-powered but plugged in.

It has been stuck at a 6% charge for over 24 hours, despite being plugged in the majority of that time.

I experienced some clock related issues after allowing the battery to drain as well, but those have been resolved since and don’t appear to be related to this battery charge issue.

Are there OS settings that can be modified that may explain the Librem 14 battery charge being stuck at such a low percentage despite being plugged in to supply? Could such settings be modified due to a battery being fully drained.

I’ve verified the power supply is functioning properly also.

What is the value in /sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/charge_control_start_threshold?

If it is really low, like 1 or 2%, your laptop won’t charge until it drops to that threshold.