Librem 14 resell [sold]

As i try to cover my losses, i would like to try to resell my “Preorder”. I am trying to figure out with purism if they are ok with it.
Anyone interested in the following speced Librem 14? It should be clear that i sadly cant tell you when you would recieve it…

Librem 14 version 11$1,737.00
Memory (DDR4): 8GB (1x8GB)
Storage (M.2 SSD):
Storage (M.2 SSD): 500GB (NVMe)
Power Adapter Plug:
Power Adapter Plug: EU
Wireless Card (Laptops)
Firmware: PureBoot Bundle (PureBoot + Librem Key + Vault USB Drive)
Operating System:
Operating System: PureOS
Warranty: 1 Year
Shipping:Free Shipping
Payment method:Credit Card (Stripe)

Have you first tried asking Purism to cancel the order for a refund? I think they should still be able to do that. If they have a policy similar to the phone, you should be able to get a refund once the laptops start shipping, so I guess it depends on how quickly you need the money

I tried that, yes, but they cant, or they dont want to tell me when this will be the case. And as i have tried to explain to them, that i need a computer do get my work done, i cant wait until they figure out when they might deliver the laptops. And even IF they start to deliver them this month, that does not mean they will ship mine this month…
Thats why i am going with a different manufacturer, but for that i need my money back…

And if i had know before, that ordering from their webshop is basically a kickstarter, i woul not have done that. I have read their return policy, and had the impression that the librem was actualy a finished product…

My Preorder has been sold, but it seems i cant delete the post.

I added [sold] to the title, so people don’t need to click.


thank you :slight_smile: