Librem 14 runs when "off"

How do I check and update the e.c?

Install Purism Librem-Control from Pure Warehouse.

EC version: 2021-04-12_28b1e2f

What are CPU PL1 and PL2 in the app?

Really too old, upgrade it to v1.11 and the electrical noise will gone.

It is to control the c.p.u performance/battery, but upgrade the e.c before gaming with p.l1,p.l2.

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How is that upgrade accomplished? I don’t see any facility for it in Librem-Control and Gnome indicates that all of my software is up to date.

Can you tell if I have the Hot Fix?

@nicole.faerber i was able to reproduce this bug, in my case happened that if i turn-off the machine when gnome-store has a upgrade pending the L14 stay like ON with a small noise so when i turn-on again gnome-store get done the upgrade then when i turn-off, the machine get full shutdown, so the issue is turning off when gnome-store got an upgrade of pcks.


Does that mean the problem exists regardless of the EC version?

May be but as u can see it is not big issue a.t.m in my case.

Based on what you’ve found, if I were to install a different Linux OS the problem would go away?

I really do not know “linux os” may be you mean another gnu+linux operating system??

It could. It sounds like your system continues to at least try to update when you tell it to shut down, or the system could be getting stuck waiting for some related process to complete.

I can’t imagine all the Librem 14s drain their battery to zero if shut down with an update pending so I guess my hardware is defective. How can I contact the company about an RMA?

Its probably not hardware. The OS shuts the computer off, not the other way around.

I finally updated the EC and the electrical sound after power off has gone away but the battery still drains while powered off. It goes from 100% to 0% in less than 3 days. I’m on PureOS with apt full-upgrade done and no pending updates.

I have a second Librem 14 which I bought at the same time but it runs Qubes and it does not exhibit this behavior. That battery maintains its charge.

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Interesting, do they use the most updated boot firmware too?

I believe I’m using the regular BIOS as opposed to PureBoot. If it matters, how can I check?

On Coreboot, the boot logo is the Purism logo like the Super key. The latest version is 4.20.1.

Use the first set of instructions in the following link to update Coreboot, or alternatively, you can also switch to PureBoot.

Since you have two Librem 14s, maybe try swapping the batteries to see if one of them is faulty.

How can I update Coreboot on the Librem 14 that’s running Qubes? There is some discussion of it here:

but doesn’t the procedure I use need to take my particular hardware into account?

Also are apt, Coreboot, and EC all of the updates I should be watching for?

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Well you can Burn a GNU OS in a Live USB then perform the purism scriptish to update coreboot.