Librem 14 screen is randomly flashing - Fedora 34 Gnome 40 GTK 4


My screen is sometimes/randomly flashing (during few seconds) when I switch to another window, or click.

I am using Fedora 34 (kernel 5.12.14-300) with Gnome 40, so I don’t know if the problem is related to my configuration or if other people have the same issue.


I just read that Gnome 40 came with GTK 4 so it may be the cause.

Fault isolation: Try PureOS.

Thank you @kieran . The problem is not easy to reproduce, as it occur really randomly.

For my usage, the problem is not so annoying, I can wait GTK 4 to be supported.

I want to report it for information, in case of other users have the same issue.

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