Librem 14 screen specs

Could we get some more info on the Librem 14 display? Some people are asking this:

The display also doesn’t list the sRGB and DCI-P3 color space coverage which I can only assume it is a generic panel with <100% of both and is a complete show-stopper to me. If I wanted a cheap display and instead plug in to nice monitors, I’d just buy a desktop; the screen is probably the most important piece.

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you know what they say when you assume?

Panel is an Innolux N140HCA-EA3 with 100% of sRGB colorspace coverage:

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Related assumption looks like justified, at least to me by just looking provided technical numbers for almost the same production line product. Here is related panel long (complex) specification:

Short panel specification (non-EU related standard number):

P.S. At least as we already know that DCI-P3 has a 25% larger color gamut than sRGB.