Librem 14 - screws sticking out on the bottom?

I’ve been using my Librem 14 for a little while, and I’ve noticed that some of the screws don’t quite seem to fit into the screw holes, so they jut out from the bottom. In particular the middle-right screw closest to the touchpad and the far-right one by the screen. Has anyone else noticed this on theirs?

I tried loosening and tightening them to see if they would go all the way in to be flush with the bottom casing, but they don’t seem to and I don’t want to force it. Maybe it would be fine to just remove the worst one? (The one near the touchpad.) There are enough other screws that I think it might hold together okay if it’s missing one.

the screws should all be the same length, and should all be flush / slightly countersunk. It may have be cross-threaded, leading it to not thread all the way down

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Ah yep you were right, they were cross-threaded! I managed to get them to go in the right way by putting some pressure on them with the screwdriver to tilt them perpendicular to the bevel. Thanks!