LIbrem 14 showing a connected display which isn't there on arch

On my new Librem 14, with Arch Linux (endeavourOS) and KDE Plasma installed, there is an attached display shown, even though there is no one attached.


This also causes a problem when logging in after the laptop has freshly booted up. Then both displays are shown overlapped on the Laptop screen.

To eleborate what I mean with the overlapping screens during the login, here is a photo of this behaviour:

Do you charge via the USB type C port?

No, nothing connected via USB C.

Okay. I am not an expert. This was just a suspect.

As a workaround I could imagine to make a script to configure the screens to a correct setting and put that script somewhere so that it gets executed at startup or login or so. arandr is your friend in generating such a script, if you don’t want to do it manually.

Otherwise you have to wait if some expert makes a statement. I am not really Linus Torvalds you know. I am just his forgotten twin. ^^ :stuck_out_tongue:

sounds like an issue specific to Endeavor or whatever tweaks they’ve made. No such issue here on Manjaro w/kernel 5.11.22-2

As this does happen with my Librem 14 on PureOS as well and connecting a display via HDMI doesn’t work too, the purism support currently thinks this is a hardware issue.