Librem 14 - size of SSD slot

Hi guys,

I ordered a librem 14. I have got a NVME SSD in my personal computer at home that I would like to use as a secondary drive in my librem 14.
However the SSD has a heatsink so it has a width of approx. 24 milimeters and a height of approx. 8 milimeters. I only got the metrics.

Will it fit into the librem 14? Maybe someone from Purism could answer :slight_smile:

I suggest you email Purism directly on

do you have a link to the manufacturer of that SSD so that we might see what length it is … since you say it’s from your ‘personal-computer’ then i imagine it’s not more than 80 mm in length in which case you could use it in an external enclosure or put it in the L14 since it’s got 2x m2 slots

what pcie is it ? 3.0 or 4.0 ? and how many electrical lanes is it using to connect to the CPU ? 2x or 4x ?