Librem 14: slow brightness control after EC and coreboot update

It seems to me that the latest firmware update made the screen brightness control slower: If I now press Fn+F5 or Fn+F6 multiple times quickly, it will only actually make some of these steps in changing the display brightness, and ignore some of the presses. This makes it a bit annoying to quickly adjust the brightness.

I use KDE and this happens on both Debian 11 and the new Debian 12. It does not affect changing the brightness to a specific level directly instead of steps (i.e. via the slider in the battery widget).

The change happened after I updated from EC 1.12_2023-02-02 and coreboot 4.18-Purism-1 to EC 1.13_2023-03-22 and coreboot 4.19-Purism-1.

Anyone else noticed something like this? Does it also happen in GNOME?