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Activities, Software, Updates = 46. Select Download & warning / error stating unmet dependencies. Suggestions???

Try from the terminal, it may work or give you better error messages. PureOS is based from Debian.
Run these two commands separately.
sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

Just curious, is there ever a situation where running it like this, as opposed to separately, is not advisable?

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

I’m learning, so it’s all new to me. Don’t even have my L14 yet to try anything out.

First part will update the repos, second part will upgrade the os ONLY if first part has an exit code of 0 (will not fail)
So, what you are doing is running both from a single line. You can use this always as there are no backdown (it is exactly same as running separate but you ll run only one command)

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@Bass20 keep in mind if you want commands to execute in succession regardless of their exit status (fail/succeed) use the semicolon


Thanks, I was leaning in that direction but was unsure if there was a better approach.

Yes. In a script.

For interactive use (i.e. you are typing the commands yourself at the shell prompt) there is no practical difference between the “&&” form and two separate commands - because if the first command failed when there are two separate commands then you would stop right there and investigate … hopefully. :wink:

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Nothing bad. People new to the terminal might not know its two seperate commands.
When I firstly started I was typing in $ and nothing was ever working. Then I learnt the $ was to say, run in a bash shell.
I only add -y to scripts as I might not have time to download GBs of updates, and I like to check what it’ll update before it runs.

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I’ll probably run them out one at a time until I’m more clear on what each one is doing specifically. I just thought I’d ask since every time I look it up it seems like the combination is offered as an alternative.
Needless to say I have and incredible amount to learn LOL

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Try using man (manual) commands like
man sudo
man apt
man apt-update

It’ll give you a little description and a list of options you can add to the command. Generally I hate man because it has a terrible interface and controls. Also it’s not a way you can learn how to use a command line program.