Librem 14: some Fn key combinations not working


on L14 there are two special keys: Fn (separate key between left ctrl and purism key) and FnTg (on right shift) but seems like they don’t function (pun not intended) properly. Can someone please explain how they should be used?

With the Fn key I’m able to use Home/End/PgUp/PgDn (on arrows), and various controls in the top most row of keys (e.g. volume and brightness control), but I’m not able to use the “numeric keys” located on mjkluiop7890;./ keys (e.g. I’d expect to write asterisk with Fn+P shortcut, but it just writes p, or + with Fn+/). And I really don’t know how to activate the FnTg key (that would be cool place for the right-click key :)).


I don’t have a librem but I think FnTg is function toggle, so you don’t have to hold function down. It is a guess, though.

I guess there is no support for these keys in Librem-EC (yet).

@nicole.faerber am I right? Are there plans for it?